Summit Of The Gods: Vol. 5

Категория: Манга

Баркод: 9788492444403

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Глубина упаковки: 1

Высота упаковки: 1

Автор на обложке: Jiro Taniguchi, Yumemakura Baku

Год выпуска: 2005

Вес: 501

Количество страниц: 304

Издательство: Franckh-Kosmos

Ширина упаковки: 1

ISBN: 9788492444403

Описание книги

The scene is finally set for Habu's challenge of the South West face of Everest in winter; solo and without oxygen. Fukamachi has accompanied him so far but must now descend to base camp and leave the mountain to Habu. Will Habu make the summit? Will Fukamachi solve the riddle of Mallory's camera? This action packed and nerve jangling culmination to this epic story will leave you just as breathless as if you had climbed Everest yourself

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